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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

My first brand new publication in a while is also my second to grace the pages of an Ahoy Comics issue - in this case, Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Blood #5. One of the many cool things about Ahoy Comics is that, along with featuring quality art and snappy writing in the main stories, they aren't then content to simply pad out the rest with letters pages and ads, but always include at least one prose story too.

It is in this latter capacity that 'As We Mean to Go On' appears, closing out a very entertaining issue in (I hope!) style. It's a very short sci-fi, based on an idea that I knew was a good one as soon as I had it, but which took quite a few drafts and near-misses to finally get right. As frustrating as the wait from inception to acceptance and eventual publication can be, especially with the stories you feel are your favourites (as this very much is), I'm retrospectively delighted that after all of that hassle it's ultimately found such a brilliant home!

Here's a small excerpt, which is one of the few parts of the first draft to have stayed (mostly) intact:

"I want to grow old with you." Gabriel said.

Miranda felt likewise.

So they booked their fast-forwarding that afternoon.

If this makes you want more, then you can read it for free here. However, I do recommend buying the issue, either from your local comic shop or Comixology, because the main stories and artwork are both very good, as is the other prose offering, penned by Jake Williams.

While you're at it, please consider checking out Ahoy's other titles, including Ash & Thorn, which, incidentally, featured my first in-comic publication, 'No Smoke Without' - now also available on my Curious Fictions page. (Please feel free to read my other stories while you're there, and like, tip, and/or subscribe if you fancy supporting me further in my efforts to produce even more, better work!)


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