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My second new story of the week (it's a rare prolific spell for me...) is one of my most fun, but with a hopefully meaningful message beneath. Entitled 'Adonis in Furs', it centres on a mythical (or is it...?) wood-dwelling creature, struggling to get past his low self-esteem.

It features in the first issue of Honeyguide Literary Magazine, which focuses on the interconnectedness of humans and other animals, and the team have even committed to donate part of the revenue from each issue to an animal shelter. Which makes me even prouder to have one of my stories included in this project.

Here's a small excerpt, to introduce the hirsute hero of this particular tale:

His mighty heart speeds in his supersized chest, and his giant feet scatter the dirt as he runs. And though his massive hands rattle this little black box, he takes care not to catch it on boulders or boughs.

He can’t quite believe that he’s actually found one, all of these years since he’d learnt what they were; all of these years since he’d learnt about humans, from the racket they made and the rubbish they left.

If this has you intrigued and you'd like to see the rest, along with the many other stories included, as well as helping to support a great cause, you can purchase the issue as a print copy or as a PDF. Or even help yourself to handy subscription.


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