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I have a new sci-fi story out today in a very topical anthology from Owl Hollow Press. When the World Stopped features tales from 28 writers (myself included), which relate in some way to the impact of this year's pandemic, and the idea of facing a virus in general.

This, understandably, won't be something that every reader wants to confront just now, and yet for those who have been seeking new ways to process what's happened, and indeed what is still happening, I hope this collection will be of some use. With such a variety of talented writers, you're certain to find some fresh and entertaining (and hopefully, where needed, distacting) responses.

As for my own story, 'Body Language' is not so much about the world stopping, as about post-pandemic attempts to restart; and more specifically how people might adjust their social habits, with increasing reliance on technological help.

Here is the opening:

I have a wedding on Saturday, a concert on Friday and another date tomorrow, and I had six invitations to choose from tonight. In fact, I’m booked solid for at least the next week. And no matter how little I might want to go, let alone how frustrated or tired I might get, it’s a trend that I very much need to maintain. If you'd like to find out why this protagonist has such a packed schedule, along with the unexpected complications that follow, then please buy a copy of the anthology (and support an independent press).

I hope you enjoy the read!


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